Setting up the Avorra account as a user

Users can join Avorra after receiving an invite from the administrator or manager of your organisation. For more information on inviting users, see Inviting users to join Avorra.  

Note: It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser for best results. 

To set up the Avorra account as a user, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Accepting the invitation

Open the email which has the invitation. The invitation is sent to the email id provided by your administrator/manager.


Click download2

Step 2 – Setting up your login details

You start by setting up your account login password. By default, your email id will be used as your login name.


Click download4

Step 3 – Setting up your profile details

Next, you enter your profile details such as First and Last name, Position or Designation, and contact number (with country code prefixed).


Ensure that the details entered are correct and click download6

Your account will be set up and you can start using Avorra. The features that you have access to, depends on the user role assigned to you. For more information on roles, see User roles.