Getting a good quality phone call

Call quality is primarily affected by yours or the receiver’s network condition. It is also worth noting that if your network sends both voice and data in same packets, chances are that there will be high load on data usage, which in turn reduces the voice quality.

Here’s a scenario (audio clip) where in the call quality was bad because of network conditions.

So, as you can hear, it is very difficult to understand the conversation in the audio clip.

To be able to have an excellent call quality, we recommend you to keep these points in check:

  • Run a network test to determine your network condition (We suggest you use
  • You are using Google Chrome or Firefox browser
  • You are on a wired internet connection and not WiFi

To run the network test, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Accessing the network test URL

Open a web browser and enter the URL (

Step 2 – Run the Test Call

Click on the blobid0 option and follow the instructions to test your browser’s capability.


The output of the test call will be logged in the Log Output window


If the test call was good, you should be able to clearly make out the difference between the audio clip (attached scenario) call quality and the call quality of the test call.

Step 3 – Run the Bandwidth Test

Click on the blobid0 (1) option to run the bandwidth strength.


Step 4 – View the test results

The results will be logged and displayed in the Log Output window


Based on the results, you can determine the call quality.

If you still have issues with the call quality, you can send the network test results to our support team and they will help you out.