Inviting users to join Avorra

After setting up your organisation details, quickly invite users to join the Avorra platform. The users can be your employees or external users. Each user will have a separate Avorra account to work with.

Note: Only users with “Admin” or “Manager” role can invite other users.

To invite users to join Avorra, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Accessing the Users tab

After logging on to Avorra, the tab can be accessed using the downloadoption

download (1)


On the users page, click download (2)

download (3)

Step 3 – Provide user details

Enter the user details such as Role (Admin, Manager, User), EmailFirst and Last name.

download (4)

Each user role will have its own set of features. For more information, see User roles.

Step 4 – Send the invitation

Ensure that the details entered are correct and click blobid118

download (5)

An invite is sent to the user’s email address provided. The user is then asked to accept the invitation and set up the account details. For more information, see Setting up the Avorra account as a user.