Setting up a default outgoing number

Each organisation on Avorra will have a default outgoing number set for their users to make and receive calls. 

The numbers bought on Avorra can be used to set as an outgoing number. For more information on buying numbers, see Buying a number

Note: You must have “Admin” role rights to make changes to your organisation details. For more information on user roles, see User roles

To set up a default outgoing number, follow these steps:

Step 1- Accessing the Organisation tab

After logging onto Avorra, the tab can be accessed by using the mceclip1 option.


Step 2 – Accessing the Preferences option

On the organisation page, click blobid206


Step 3 – Editing the default outgoing number

On the preferences page, select the outgoing number to be used.


Note: Only numbers that are bought on Avorra will be listed in the drop-down menu.

Click blobid5

The outgoing number will be updated. In addition, you can setup the number with additional configuration. For more information, see Setting up a number.