Setting up call forwarding for a number

Avorra’s unique provisioning system helps you forward calls (made to Avorra number) to any of your own mobile or local number. The call forwarding feature comes in handy in case of receiving important calls during business and outside of business hours.  

Note: You will need Admin or Manager role rights to perform this task. For more information on user roles, see Adding user roles

To set up the call forwarding feature for a number, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Accessing the Numbers tab

After logging on to Avorra, the tab can be accessed using the mceclip0option.


Note: You must have Manager, Administrator or Owner permissions to see and edit phone numbers on the Number tab.

Step 2 – Selecting the number

On the numbers page, click on the blobid137 option for the number you want to edit.


Step 3 – Setting up call forwarding

You can set up call forwarding for calls made during business and outside of business hours. 

On the setup page for the Avorra number you’re configuring, select the answering method as Forward call and enter the number to which the call must be forwarded.


You must enter the phone number in international format when forwarding calls. An international format phone number contains a leading plus sign, country code, area code and local number, like this:

+<country code><area code><local number>

Where:+ = must always be at the start of the number to indicate it’s an international number<country code> = the country code of the number to forward to<area code> = the area code of the number to forward to, excluding the leading zero<local number> = the local number to forward to

Australia uses the international country code of +61.

For example, if forwarding to a mobile phone number of 0432 000 111 the number you would enter would be:

+61432000111 (i.e. not 61432000111, 610432000111 nor +610432000111)

If forwarding to a NSW landline number of 02 3456 1111, the forwarding number would look like:

+61234564444 (i.e. not 61234564444, 610234564444 nor +610234564444)

Note: After the country code, be sure to drop the leading zero on the phone number, otherwise your calls may not forward.

Click blobid140 once you’ve entered the number to forward to for either the During business hours and/or Outside of business hours options.

All calls will now be forwarded to the number provided.

Be sure to test the call forward you’ve just set up. It’s better to invest 60 seconds to dial the number and check it forwards correctly than come back after two weeks of business closure or holidays to realise calls weren’t being forward.

Apart from call forwarding, Avorra supports additional features as well. For more details on different answering methods and configuration, see Setting up the call answering methods for a number.