Making your first call using Avorra

After setting up your organisation and account details, you are all set to make calls using Avorra. 

By default, to make calls, Avorra uses the number that you provided while setting up your account. This number can be modified as per your needs. See, Adding a default outgoing number for your organization

There are many ways you can make a call on Avorra. You can make a call from the call logs, contacts, or using the dialer. For more information on call logs and contacts, see: 

To make a call using the dialer, follow these steps: 

Note: For better call quality, we recommend to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 1 – Accessing the dial pad

The dial pad (download) can be accessed from anywhere within the Avorra application.

download (1)

Step 2 – Provide a number

Use the dial pad and enter the number you want to call. The country code must be prefixed. To cancel or delete the number, you can use download (2) option.

download (3)

Step 3 – Make a call

Ensure that the number entered is correct and click download (4)

download (5)

The call will be connected and placed accordingly.

download (6)