Configuring your call preferences

Avorra allows you to manage certain preferences that you would like to have while making or receiving calls. These preferences can be configured anytime and provides you greater flexibility for outgoing and incoming calls.  

To configure your preferences, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Accessing your preferences

On the Avorra application, the Preferences page can be accessed in two ways:

  • Navigate to blobid0     –>Preferences
  • Navigate to blobid2Your Preferences.


Step 2 – Configuring the details

On your preferences page, you can configure the following details:

Option Description
General Settings Here you can set the outgoing number and country code to be used while making or receiving calls. 

By default, the number and country code entered while setting up the organisation will be used.

Ringer Configuration Here you can set the ringing preferences to be used for calls.  

You can set the Output deviceRing tone, and Outgoing ring duration for calls.

You can preview the ringtone music by using the blobid4option.


Step 3 – Save the configuration changes

Ensure that the details configured are correct and click blobid6.