Updating the card details

When setting up the organisation details for the first time, your credit card details will also be added. Avorra helps you update and manage your credit card details. 

Note: You must have “Admin” role rights to make changes to your organisation details. For more information on user roles, see User roles.  

To update the credit card details, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Accessing the Organisation tab

After logging onto Avorra, the tab can be accessed by using the mceclip1 option.


Step 2 – Accessing the Billing option

On the organisation page, click blobid212


Step 3 – Updating the card details

On the billing page, click blobid214


Enter the card number, full name, expiry date of the card (mm/yyyy format), and CVC details.

Click blobid109

The card details will be updated.