Setting up auto-recharge on your card

The auto-recharge feature on Avorra helps you recharge your Avorra balance when it reaches a certain amount. You can configure the amount to be recharged with additional settings. 

Each time the Avorra balance reaches a “set amount”, the configuration will help recharge the account balance with a “set amount” automatically. 

You can also recharge your Avorra balance manually. For more information, see Recharging your Avorra balance manually.

Note: You must have “Admin” role rights to make changes to organisation details. For more information on user roles, see User roles

To setup auto-recharge, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Accessing the Organisation tab

After logging onto Avorra, the tab can be accessed by using the mceclip1option.


Step 2 – Accessing the Billing option

On the organisation page, click blobid212


Step 3 – Setting up auto-recharge

On the billing page, ensure that blobid228option is enabled.


Configure the conditions to enable auto-recharge. For example, when Avorra balance is below $100, recharge the account with $100.