Adding contact details of users

It is very important that the contact details of your employees and users are stored correctly. With Avorra, you can add multiple contact details of users which will further help in seamless management of user details.  

As an Avorra administrator, you can manually add contact details of your employees or users on the Avorra platform. The details added will help in seamless data management. 

To add the contact details, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Navigate to Contacts tab

On the Avorra application, click mceclip1.


Step 2 – Use the add a contact option

On the contacts page, click blobid68


Step 3 – Enter the contact details

Enter the user details such as: 

  • First/Last name
  • Valid email
  • Position or designation in the organisation
  • Organisation name
  • Contact numbers (Mobile, Home, Work, or Fax) – You can add multiple contact numbers for a user by using the blobid70option.

If you have a picture of the user, use the blobid71  option to upload the picture.


Step 4 – Add the contact details

Ensure that the details entered are correct and click blobid73


The details will be added on Avorra and listed under Contacts.